Yom-Gom – 2nd Choong Sil TKD Discipline Pattern (L40)

Pattern Yom Gom – 40 movements

Yom Gom is the second of 4 forms that make up the pattern Choong Sil, developed by Grandmaster Robert Hardin for the Choong Sil Kwan Taekwondo Federation. While mostly symmetrical, each section holds a few unexpected turns. It features many opportunities to work shifting stances, increasing hip rotation, and focusing on foot placement. 

In the following video, you can follow along with Stevens Family instructors Jack Stevens III, and Jenna Davis. Master Jack Stevens calls out each technique, so you can practice at home with video assistance, or just listen for cues.

Yom Gom – Inspiration

Yom Gom pattern displays foundational techniques for the beginner to intermediate Taekwondo student. It is comprised of 40 movements in a linear form. It symbolizes Inspiration, the second phase of a developing martial artist. After building a strong foundation, the student is ready to progress to more complicated movements. Yom Gom introduces additional footwork and provides more challenges in coordination.

Pattern Synopsis

As most patterns do, Yom Gom begins with blocks. As it advances forward, the student must pivot to show proper kicking technique, landing their feet in correct stancing, then shifting to a stronger stance for continued attack. The second half of the pattern introduces spin hook kicks and simultaneous striking and blocking. It ends aggressively, with two powerful techniques- side kick and a reverse punch. As a single pattern performance, the left foot returns to ready stance. When performed as part of pattern Choong Sil, the right foot retreats, beginning pattern Hyun-Sil.

From the Choong Sil Kwan philosophy:

“With goals firmly in mind, the student must self inspire themselves into action, as they develop a sense of self worth. Without this, they may never strive for success, as they may feel they do not deserve the rewards that accompany achievement. ”