Won-Hyo – Green Belt Pattern (R28)

Pattern Won Hyo – 28 movements

Won Hyo is the green belt level form in the Chang Hon system of patterns. It simulates grabbing and striking, followed by advancing (vs retreating) blocks. The end of the form features sweeping blocks, and a turning kick that strikes in one direction and lands in a different direction. Won Hyo works through rebound reaction force and stance changes to develop power.

As with all patterns and new movements, we encourage you to learn your forms in class, with an instructor. This video series allows you to recall what you learned in class to ensure that you practice correctly at home. There is nuance to every move and pattern, and we want to ensure that you do not develop bad habits.

In the following video, you can practice along with Stevens Family instructors Jack Stevens III, and Jenna Davis. Master Jack Stevens calls out each technique, so you can practice with video assistance, or just listen for cues.

Won Hyo – Growth of Power

At green belt, students begin to memorize the taekwondo elements of power. The first 5 that we consistently refer to are 1. Stance 2. Hips 3. Reaction Force 4. Focus 5. Timing.  Now that the student is a green belt, they are considered an intermediate level student. Stances should be solid and require minimal thought to perform correctly. Now we learn how to further utilize the stance to garner additional power in each movement. Won Hyo pattern easily allows the student to see and feel how each of the elements of power plays a part in completing each movement at their strongest capability.

The patterns created in the Chang Hon system are named after important people, places, or historical events in Korean history.

Pattern Synopsis

The 28 movements in Won Hyo follow a similar “I” shape formation as its predecessors. Unlike the previous patterns, which begin in a standard “parallel ready stance”, Won Hyo begins in a “Closed A” ready position, with feet touching, hands at chin level, the right hand in a vertical fist, and the left hand in a C shape, surrounding it.

It begins with a block, but then differs from the basic strikes of the previous patterns. Won Hyo features a grabbing and striking motion, followed by another grab and punch, signifying that the practitioner has made an effort to control the body posture of the simulated attacker. After a side kick (stomping motion), the pattern advances, then repeats facing the other direction. The sweeping flourishes of scoop blocks overtake the tail end of the pattern, continuing the theme of dictating the opponent’s body posture and control. It ends with a turning side kick and blocks to either side, reminding the martial artist to maintain situational awareness from all angles.

After the pattern concludes, the right foot returns back to “Closed A” ready position.