Song Song – Taekwondo Pattern

Pattern Song Song – 30 movements

Song Song is the first of 4 forms that make up the pattern Choong Sil, developed by Grandmaster Robert Hardin for the Choong Sil Kwan Taekwondo Federation. It is symmetrical, as each section repeats on the opposite side. From the beginning, students learn bilateral movement.

In the following video, you can follow along with Stevens Family instructors Jack Stevens III, and Jenna Davis. Master Jack Stevens calls out each technique, so you can practice with video assistance, or just listen for cues.

Song Song – Imagination

Song Song pattern displays simple techniques for the beginner Taekwondo student. It is comprised of 30 movements in a linear form. It symbolizes Imagination, which is the first phase of a developing martial artist. Song Song teaches the practitioner to block defensively, and attack while advancing. The single stances performed with single actions reinforces the ability to focus on hand and foot timing, and building a strong base.

Pattern Synopsis

This pattern begins with retreating blocks, which symbolize the defensive nature of Taekwondo. As it advances forward, it begins with front stances, punches, and front snap kicks. Turning to face the opposite direction adds L stances, and a repetition of movements on the opposite side. The second half of the pattern introduces side kicks, middle stances, and knife hand strikes. It then ends with rotating guarding blocks and an advancing punch. When performed as a single pattern, the right foot returns to ready stance. When performed as part of pattern Choong Sil, the right foot will step directly into pattern Yom Gom.

From the Choong Sil Kwan philosophy:

“In the initial stage of philosophical development, students must learn to set goals beyond their current limitations, and from this, visualize their achievements in advance. This, in turn, strengthens their belief systems to the point that specific goals are possible and obtainable.”