Choong Moo – Red-Black Belt Pattern (R30)

Pattern Choong Moo – 30 movements

Choong Moo is the red belt black stripe (senior red) form in the Chang Hon pattern system. It allows the martial artist to show off their athletic abilities, as it is more physically demanding than many other lower belt patterns. Choong Moo features more kicking combinations as well as multiple jumps. It has many unexpected changes in direction.

As with all patterns and new movements, we encourage you to learn your forms in class, with an instructor. This video series allows you to recall what you learned in class to ensure that you practice correctly at home. There is nuance to every move and pattern, and we want to ensure that you do not develop bad habits.

In the following video, you can practice along with Stevens Family instructors Jack Stevens III, and Jenna Davis. Master Jack Stevens calls out each technique, so you can practice with video assistance, or just listen for cues.

Choong Moo – Danger, the technician has power, but has not yet learned control

By red-black belt, the student has been practicing jumping and flying kicks, as well as kicking combinations, angles, and multidirectional force for a long time. When a student performs Choong Moo, you will see a variety of kicks and jumps, punctuated by many open hand techniques at the beginning, and closed hand movements nearing the end. This pattern has a wide variety of opportunity to display the martial artist’s ability and understanding of movement.

The patterns created in the Chang Hon system are named after important people, places, or historical events in Korean history.

Pattern Synopsis

Choong Moo has 30 movements and follows an “I” shaped diagram. 

This form begins with an open hand block, quickly followed by a double hand strike. You will notice that the first half of the pattern contains nearly all open hand techniques. A flying side kick follows a rear leg pick up side kick. As you turn to the opposite direction, the practitioner simulates a knee strike, quickly followed by a ridge hand and quick kicking combination. A 360 degree jump clears an attacker’s attempted sweep, then Choong Moo continues the attack phase. The form ends with turning side kicks, and a change of direction for the final block and punch.

After the pattern concludes, the left foot returns to ready stance.