Tournaments- Should I Compete?

What are the benefits of competing?

Many students are nervous to try a tournament. We encourage anyone who is interested to compete at least once. You’re more likely to regret never having the experience.

Tournaments are a great way to challenge yourself and test your skills.

Seeing others perform patterns and fight can give you a fresh perspective.

Losing. Dealing with adversity- hard matches, stumbling, losing, a bad call- makes you a better fighter and stronger person. React with dignity.

Winning. Enjoy it! Be a gracious winner. You won’t always be on top, so soak it all in while you can!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You will meet like-minded people who are also on a martial arts journey! You’ll find lifelong friends through Taekwondo.


Competition Builds Strong Character

It gives an opportunity to gain life skills based off our Tenets of Taekwondo.

The first tenet of Taekwondo is courtesy. We expect that from all our competitors, parents, and supporters.

Integrity. Judges are making quick decisions at full speed. Every judge does their best to be fair, objective, and make the right calls. Competitors must approach every opponent with the will to win in accordance with the rules.

Perseverance. Especially if you’re in a tough division, it can take years to win or even medal. Work hard to improve! 

Using self control ensures that you don’t lose your temper in the ring, or embarrass yourself with unsportsmanlike conduct. Maintain your composure. Competition helps build your ability to control your emotions.

Indomitable spirit. If your opponent scores, don’t give up! If you’re up against a bigger opponent, don’t be intimidated. Make yourself proud by doing your best through the entire competition.


CTF Tournaments, Open Tournaments, and More

All CTF tournaments are Point (or Point Stop) sparring. However, it is worth noting that our style of Taekwondo translates well into other kinds of tournament fighting including Continuous, Clash Sparring, Low Kick, Kicklight, K1, and Kickboxing.

Many of our instructors and students have competed in those other styles and have achieved great success on the national and international stage.

You can find pictures from our February 2022 In-School Tournament here. Thanks to Dan Davis for volunteering his time to take photos of our students!