Black Belt Testing and Photos – 2022

It’s not often that we have a testing for black belts only. We were happy to begin 2022 with a special event for some of our high ranking black belts. We are so grateful to Grandmaster Hardin for making the trip to our school. Our judging table included Grandmaster Robert Hardin, Senior Master Jack Stevens, Master Dawn Martin, Master Bryan Todd, and Master Curtis Wheeler. Many friends, family, and Stevens Family students watched as each black belt performed multiple technical patterns, showed off high level sparring, and demonstrated power and accuracy through their board breaking skills.

We are extremely proud of those who tested for their next rank. Each one put in years (decades for some!) of hard work and dedication to their craft.

Thank you so much to our photographers, Dan Davis and Shelly Todd, who volunteered their time to capture the day.

They have shared their photos here.